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Nourishment Trauma and Wellbeing Therapy

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Live life free from trauma

Find what helps you feel emotionally, nutritionally, physically and internally nourished

Overcome trauma and increase your well-being with bespoke counselling and therapy

Let us help and support you through difficult times. We work with you through counselling to help you find your emotional nourishment.
Online, face-to-face and over the phone.

Do you
Feel you cannot cope?

Have you
Struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, job loss, isolation or bereavement?

Do you
Feel powerless and want to take back control of your life?

Have you
Had disturbing thoughts you can't explain?

Do you
Want to improve your relationship with yourself and others?

Have you
Struggled to deal with mental, physical, violent or sexual childhood abuse?

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These feelings can cause other feelings such as depression, anxiety, stress. this can also make it more difficult to overcome childhood abuse, abuse from others leaving us feeling sad, scared and empty inside. We will work with you to overcome these feelings, allowing you to find nourishment in all aspects of your life and with counselling you can develop greater understanding and awareness of what you need to maintain your wellbeing.

We offer more than just counselling, we offer you the chance to talk openly about your feelings and exsprences and explore what makes you feel nourished, in a space that can be as creative and unique as you need. If you prefer to write, draw, play, move or sit to express how you feel, then this is what we will do, this is about you and what you need to feel emotionally nourished.

This can help you gain confidence and improve your relationships and challenge your behaviours or feelings, to manage them more effectively and live a more fulfilled life.

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Exploring your thoughts, feelings and experiences with an experienced counsellor.

We can help you with

Overall wellbeing

Improving your overall well-being, learning more about your diet, movement, sleep, emotion management and acceptance, mindfulness and much more.

Emotional pain and distress
From one off events, low moods or depression that make the world seem dark and bleak, fears and anxiety about the past, present and future.

Feelings of not being good enough
Feelings that others are better than you or that you are not achieving what you ‘should be’, a deep-seated self-doubt.

Thoughts that you can’t seem to shift
Recurring thoughts, feelings or voices that impact on your daily life, making you feel that you cannot cope or move on.

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Emotional eating
Using food to feed your emotions, or abstaining as self-punishment, or fears you are not good enough and feel you need to lose more weight. let us help you overcome the pain your are feeding.

Food and mood
Incorporated within the session we can look at how your food impacts on your mood and how just small adjustments can have huge benefits.

Addictive behaviours
Using food, sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping or social media to distract from emotional or physical pain.

Improve your relationship by understanding more about each other and develop skills in communication, reducing conflict in your life.

Career prospects
Look at your skill set and find courage to change career or develop strategies to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Internal awareness
Develop awareness of ‘the self’ and your internal needs and find peace from emotional and physical pain.

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Sessions range from 30 to 50 minutes depending on what works for you

Offering a creative space for you to develop and help you feel emotionally nourished. Allowing you to find a healthy relationship with yourself and others, where you can be confident in managing and accepting your emotions. Becoming more aware of your internal needs and wants, finding part of yourself that you may be shying away from. or to scared to face.

All one-to-one sessions will be socially distanced and in line with current Covid-19 regulations.

Based in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria less than 30 minutes outside Ulverston.
One-to-one counselling sessions, walking, over the phone or via Zoom and Skype.

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