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Live life free from trauma

Find what helps you feel emotionally, nutritionally, physically and internally nourished

Overcome trauma and increase your well-being with counselling and therapy to suit you

Helping and supporting you through difficult times, working with you to develop more understanding about who you are helping you find emotional nourishment.

Do you

Feel you cannot cope?

Have you
Struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, job loss, isolation or bereavement?

Do you
Feel powerless and want to take back control of your life?

Have you
Had disturbing thoughts you can't explain?

Do you
Want to improve your relationship with yourself and others?

Have you
Struggled to deal with mental, physical, violent or sexual childhood abuse?

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Trying to manage the stress and depression (low mood) can cause you to look for pleasure and relief in other ways, blocking out feelings and thought to make you feel better. This could be by using food, sex, compulsive dieting, drugs or alcohol, shopping and gambling, self-harm or suicide attempts; in some cases these may have turned into an addiction.

These habbits or subconscious actions provide some temporary relief from the trauma, abuse, stress, anxiety, depression or pain, they are a way of searching for emotional nourishment. In the monent they seem to provide everything needed to over your suffering, but over time they can still leave you feeling sad, scared and empty inside. These feelings are normal and you don't have to deal with them alone.

Through counselling and therapy you can learn more about yourself and your relationships with others

I never thought I would find acceptance and stop blaming myself for the abuse I have suffered, thank you. - JB

Through counselling and therapy you can learn more about yourself and your relationship, with others (partners, children, parents, siblings, colleagues etc.) with food and mood, with work and lifestyle, even the thoughts and feelings you may be struggling to hold.

Exploring your thoughts and feelings with an experienced counsellor, can help you overcome the pain and trauma. It can also help you come to terms with one off events that are still affecting you, causing you to have thoughts and feelings from the past, present or future make you feel unhappy and stressed.

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Talking openly about what you are struggling with

Opening up about your thoughts and feelings to a counsellor can be scary, but there is no rush. Each session is yours to own. You set the agenda.

Sometimes you may not have a reason but feel the need to talk and this is all part of the process of therapy.

Some sessions may be more challenging than others. This is essential as significant shifts can happen when you start to fully understand yourself and the world around you.

All one-to-one sessions will be socially distanced and in line with current Covid-19 regulations.

From all of the psychologists I have seen, this is the first time I have been free from myself - LH

Sometimes we can tell ourselves the pain we are in from childhood is normal and we just crack on, with counselling you do not need to crack on, you can live.

We are based in Barrow-in-Furness less than 30 minutes outside Ulverston for one-to-one sessions or if you prefer effective counselling can take place over the phone or via Zoom and Skype.

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