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Counselling for men

Find your way out from darkness

Why are you still holding on to your pain?

Most men find it hard to talk about how they feel, most men do not even know how to put into words what they feel.

If you are a man struggling your emotions or feelings, you have come to the right place. You might think counselling is something that you only need when you are down and upset.

But counselling can give you awareness and tools to manage how you feel, giving you more scope to grow as a man and a person.

Counselling for Men. man in pain

Take power in saying " I am a man, I am scared, worried, upset, hurt or angry"

Being strong physically is nothing compared to being mentally strong, mentally strong gives you the power to hold your life and find what you want from it.

Many men feel they need to provide or be more successful, this causing a struggle when they can not. You can learn that providing is not your role, you are more than this, you are a complex human with needs that should and must not be suppressed. By suppressing how you feel, you turn inwards and become angry with yourself, the world and other, taking out the pain you cannot deal with on them.

Do you feel a suppressed anger side that we don’t know what to do with?

Counselling for Men. be yourself

Here is what we can offer you.

  • Simple and clear chats about you
  • Giving you time and space to talk about the uncomfortable feelings that we all struggle with
  • Practical skill that you can adapt and use everyday
  • See that being a man is also about accepting who you are and not trying to see whose is bigger

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