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Nourishment Trauma and Wellbeing Therapy

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One to one counselling

Overcomeing mountains of trauma togeather

We share a space, allowing you to talk in a safe and confidential space that is yours to own.

In this space you are free to be you, do what you feel you need to do (within reason). Allowing you to express the parts of you that have been hidden or hurt, the parts of you that needs emotional nourishment, to be held, loved and cared for.

Over each session we will build understanding of each other and what you feel you need to overcome or manage the emotional pain.

Sessions are not one-sided, we bringing your attention to areas you might not be aware of, helping you find meaning to develop your understanding of them.

Between sessions you have the chance to work on areas you want to change or bring objects and thoughts you have noticed. Helping you slow take responsibility for you, to give you empowerment and confidence. What we are doing is about you and your growth beyond you trauma.

Once you have booked a session, we will send you information of the location of the therapy space and clarify anything via email or text, reducing the need for you to worry about an unexpected call.

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