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Nourishment Trauma and Wellbeing Therapy

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Emotional Nourishment

Understanding your emotions, working with them and find acceptance.

How you feel and your emotional reactions impact on every part of your life, feeling happy can make the world seem bright and full of wonder, a low mood can make the very same world seem dark and irritating.

Learning to understand your feelings, accept them and discovering healthy ways to express emotions can help you experience the world in a more neutral way, considering your reactions and feeling in control.

Feelings, thoughts and behaviours from the past or present create your experiences of the future. Your reactions could have been learnt from others, such as parents or friends, they could also have come from a way of managing internal pain, such as emotional eating, drugs, shopping, alcohol, exercise, the list is endless.

When these behaviours no longer give you the satisfaction it once did or start to create more internal suffering, they become self-defeating. Learning to see the patterns and ways they impact you and those around you can help you become more aware of yourself.

This is not to remove emotions but nourishes them, so we live our experiences rather than just be a puppet to them, finding your emotional nourishment.

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