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Nourishment Trauma and Wellbeing Therapy

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Physical Nourishment

Having confidence in your body and it immense ability to know what it needs to maintained its self.

Our body can tell us more than we know. It lets us know when it’s hungry, scared, hot, cold, tired, energised, holding pain, pleasure and so much more.

Trauma and stress is mainly stored in upper back and neck, anxieties and upset can live behind our stomachs and over time this can impact on your emotions and how you respond to stress.

Learning to become aware of your body and what it is telling you can help maintain your physical and emotional selves. If you have experienced trauma or injury, the body will remember and react without thinking - moving in ways to protect itself.

Unresolved trauma either emotional, physical or from repetitive behaviour can affect how you feel, such as being tired or hyper alert.

Listening and understanding what your body is trying to tell you can help you find you physical nourishment.

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