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Nourishment Trauma and Wellbeing Therapy

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Nutritonal Nourishment

Making informed choices, what you eat and drink and why.

What you put into your body and the time you eat can massively impact on how you feel.

For example, stress makes you want to consume so-called "comfort food." This is a normal response to help you cope with your emotional or physical pain.

Food can cause highs and lows which impacts on your emotional state while other foods can help increase energy and keep you balanced, the more verity you have in your diet give your body the nutrients it needs repair its self and deal with stresses and trauma easier in a calmer and less painful way.

Food can also give huge amounts of pleasure and despair depending on your relationship with it, these relationships can be based on past experiences of belief that have formed in an attempt to manage the pain physically of mentally.

To understand why, when and how you eat can help you improve your nutritional nourishment.

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